6 Cute Emoji Pendants by Roberto Coin

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, 6 Cute Emoji Pendants by Roberto Coin, Victoria's Jewelry Box

As technology becomes further embedded in our lives, new forms of communication and expression stand as the new norm.

Emojis, for example, are featured in films, and there is even a World Emoji Day. If you use them to express your emotions in a text, why not wear them?

They crept effortlessly into our lives, and now they are everywhere. Emojis convey emotions in a way that words often can’t and help us express humor or irony in a more spontaneous way. They became the symbol of a new generation, marked by fast communications and permanent online presence.

The word emoji comes from Japanese, meaning picture or character. The cute faces we know so well came after the text-based emoticons, originating in the late 1900s on Japanese mobile phones.

When they were internationally included in Apple’s iPhone, and later in Android and other devices, they became popular worldwide.

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