, About Us, Victoria's Jewelry BoxHi, my name is Vicky and I love jewelry of all descriptions. I love having some beautiful pieces of jewelry for those very special occasions stored away in my jewelry box.  These pieces of jewelry make my outfit look great, and they also make me feel like a million dollars and super confident. It’s great to have some fun pieces of jewelry for everyday wear as well, like a day at the beach, holidays and other festive occasions.

This is why I chose the women’s jewelry that you see on this website.   The wedding jewelry and jewelry sets I picked are designed to make you stand out on your special day, without breaking the bank. I really like some of the hair jewelry that is available now.  These pieces will really make an impression on your special day.  When you look at the pictures of the hair jewelry, you will understand what I mean.

The necklace and earrings that I picked are for a variety of different occasions from formals, work, to a day out at the beach or another social occasion. They are made from mostly sterling silver, white gold, gold, gold plated and other metals with crystals, cubic zirconia (imitation diamonds) or other gems and pearls.

I have not focused as much on the high-end jewelry, as even though this jewelry is magnificent and great to look at.  It is not the jewelry most of us will buy and there is a lot of different reasons for this.  For example, would you wear a diamond necklace to the beach or a piece of fun jewelry?  Most people I know would rather wear the fun piece of jewelry to the beach as it would suit their style and mood on that day. The second reason for this is I would hate to lose an expensive necklace at the beach, as the chances of getting it back would be very small.

When it comes to formal occasions, this is when that great piece of jewelry is a must. But again, there are some beautiful pieces of imitations jewelry out there, that will look great on the night, without costing a fortune.  If you don’t tell other people that the jewelry is not real, they properly won’t know the difference either.

People prefer a choice of jewelry, so then they can work out what they are going to wear that day to suit the outfit they are wearing. For example, it gets boring wearing the same earrings every day to the office and drop earrings would not normally suit an office job, but they look great for a night out with friends.

There is some great imitation jewelry available which you could buy several different pieces off and enjoy just as much as one expensive piece. When you get sick of it or it goes out of style, you won’t have any regrets about getting rid of it.

Jewelry can make a wonderful personalized gift for that special friend or girlfriend.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the different necklaces, earrings, hair jewelry, hairpins, wedding jewelry, and other special occasion jewelry, as much as I enjoyed researching them for you.  I hope this site helps you choose some wonderful pieces of jewelry which you will enjoy wearing and have fun with.