Tassels & Turquoise @ DJWE X Solitaire Magazine

Having visited many jewelry loving countries and jewelry shows, my all-time favorite place in the Middle East. They surely know their ‘fashion quotient’ and ‘luxury’ better than most. But at the same time, they are very close to their traditions. During my latest visit to the Doha Jewellery & Watch Exhibition, I spotted two trends that were an amalgamation of high jewelry and at the same time, close to their sacred sentiments. My latest story ‘Tassels & Turquoise’ published in the Solitaire Asia Pacific magazine’s iconic 100th issue, talks more about these two wonderful trends… enjoy!

, Tassels & Turquoise @ DJWE X Solitaire Magazine, Victoria's Jewelry Box
Solitaire 100_ Tassels & Turquoise At DJWE 2018


Two ruling trends from the Doha Jewellery & Watch Exhibition 2019

The 16th edition of the Doha Jewellery & Watch Exhibition (DJ WE), held from 20 to 25 February 2019, concluded with yet another successful run. One of the most luxurious and largest consumer-oriented jewelry shows, the Doha Jewelry and Watch Exhibition has the power to draw some of the most elite jewelry houses of the world along with prominent royal families of the Middle East all under one roof.

, Tassels & Turquoise @ DJWE X Solitaire Magazine, Victoria's Jewelry Box
Doha Jewellery & Watch Exhibition show floor on the inauguration day

Unlike other shows where jewelers participate individually, DJWE has a unique format where large Qatari companies like Al Fardan, Ali Bin Ali, Al Majed, Fifty One East, Amiri Gems, and others have their pavilions housing multiple jewelry brands like Cartier, Bvlgari, Tiffany, Boucheron, Graff, Chanel under them. This year, two trends — tassels and turquoise — ruled in every showcase.

, Tassels & Turquoise @ DJWE X Solitaire Magazine, Victoria's Jewelry Box
Pavillions of Ali BIn Ali & Al Majed at the Doha Jewellery & Watch Exhibition


Considered as charms for good luck and known to steer away from evil spirits, tassels are a common sight in the Middle East, from garments to accessories to homes and most importantly, jewelry. Also seen in the latest global fashion trends, the tassel has inspired many jewelry houses to incorporate this 70’ s trend in their latest collections — and what better to showcase all these colorful fringes than at DJWE.

Doha Jewelry and Watch Exhibition was a dream for tassel lovers — showcasing fine jewelry from graduating pearls to colorful beads and gold chains and diamonds. Some of the finest examples were from Boucheron’s Nature Triomphante, Chanel’s Coromandel, and Cartier’s Panthere collections.

Flat or round, the key to creating the perfect tassel is in the graduation, flow, volume, and stringing. One of the most popular necklace lengths for the Middle East is around 30 inches, some reaching to almost 36 inches. Big, statement tassel necklaces that are strung flawlessly appeared to fly off the shelf much faster as compared to their smaller counterparts.

, Tassels & Turquoise @ DJWE X Solitaire Magazine, Victoria's Jewelry Box
Boucheron Fleur Graphique necklace with a detachable brooch


Named after the French expression pierre torques’, which literally means ‘the Turkish stone’, this well-loved blue stone is known to bring joy and wealth. First traded in the bazaars of Istanbul en route from the mines in Asia to Europe, turquoise comes in a variety of blue hues. A reminder of the blue skies and the waters, Turquoise is known to cool a person’s mind and body and is, therefore, worn more in dry-lands like the Middle East.

With such great love for this calming gemstone, many jewelry brands offered turquoise versions of their famous collections especially crafted to cater to the Arab clientele. David Webb and Veschetti, known for their bold looks, created stunning aqua colored jewelry in combination with various other gemstones. Some even used turquoise-colored enamel to stay in sync with the trend.

Jewelers often used Arabic motifs to set the blue gemstone in, like the David Webb evil eye earrings and the Tiffanys magnificent diamond and turquoise bracelet with two Arabic dome-shaped elements.


, Tassels & Turquoise @ DJWE X Solitaire Magazine, Victoria's Jewelry Box
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